Finansing from savings

How long does Igumanov apply sy Finansing system from savings?

Company IGUMANOV seccessfully develops systemd CONTRACTING SAVINGS od installationd for production, distribution dan consuption of seam, since 1989

IGUMANOV system of using steam is successfully applied in the following industries:
     • Food industry
     • Rubber industry
     • Textile industry
     • Process industry

Behind a successful implementation of the system for the efficient use of steam IGUMANOV company has provided reliable partners:
     • the financing of equipment
     • the delivery of equipment for high reliability and
     • efficient service systems and system elements

What does it mean arranging financing from savings?

Arranging financing from savings means that a NEW INSTALLATION for the efficient use of steam and condensate Purchaser repaid from the savings on fuel, electricity and HPVode.
After the release of the NEW INSTALLATION, the commission verifies fuel economy, power and HPVode return for the payment of savings and Igumanov do budgets from savings on a monthly basis.

What the customer gets with contracts with company IGUMANOV installation of efficient use of steam and kondenzata?

     • Purchaser receives
     • The burden of investments takes Igumanov
     • The risks of investment takes Igumanov
     • Preparatory work on the projects ferforms from Igumanov
     • Work on the procurement and installation of equipment performs Igumanov
     • Maintenance of the guaranteed savings do Igumanov

What is needed to realize the program CONTRACT FINANCING OF SAVINGS?

1. The decition of the Board

Management needs to decide when to start with the program of energy saving and set goals:
     • rational use,
     • reduction of the total consumption of energy,
     • reduce losses,
     • optimization of all operating equipment in order to reduce energy consumption,
     • the planned budget for the program of energy saving,
     • appointment of leading energy saving program,
     • determining a schedule for the implementation of the program.

2.Capture the current situation

After a detailed survey of the current state of the production of energy consumption we make a major energy scheme of all energy from input to output energy taking into account the losses of energy in the form of block diagrams or Senky-solar diagrams.

3. Analysis of consumption and energy losses

It is important to study the factors that utičuna consumption and energy losses especially major consumers:
Energy parameters: the pressure of the steam and compressed air, temperature and humidity in the premises, the temperature of the fluid for technological processes and the like.
Mode of operation: production technologies, utilization of production capacity.
State energy installation and equipment: heat losses to poor insulation, leakage of fluid energy, poor efficiency, outdated equipment.

Half of the energy industry goes into waste heat, so it is important to establish where they were going major energy losses and what are the possibilities for reducing losses.

4. Define the energy saving measures

Energy saving measures can be classified:
     • Organizational measures: spending discipline, program of work, timeliness in handling equipment and automation,
     • general technical measures: measurement, thermal insulation, automation, maintenance and installation,
     • Engineering measures: optimization of working processes from an energy point of view, modern equipment and technology, etc.

5. Realization of the program of savings

The basic principle of industrial production: with the least cost to achieve higher performance and capacity needed

6. Energy losses in the industry

     • energy losses of the equipment itself,
     • loss of energy networks,
     • loss of industrial processes,
     • Losses waste heat

7. Measuring power consumption

The selection of the measuring equipment depends on several factors:
     • flow rate and measurement range,
     • required measurement accuracy,
     • the manner of use of the measurement results,
     • available space for installation,
     • costs of purchase, installation and maintenance.

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