Wall heating and cooling

Hittherm wall panels

The concept of a comfortable life!
Let your walls become active climate walls. Turn your living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, apartments, offices ... in the comfort zone, in rooms that feels!

Hittherm panels belong to the highly efficient heating of the body, mounted on a concrete or brick (block) masonry walls, and through them, is carried out plastering. Most part of the walls gently heated and surrender the entire heat as mild heat radiation simulating natural climate. Favorable heat dissipation Hittherm wall has a positive effect on the health and well-being. This proves that instinctive desire for comfort does not have to be in conflict with the environment and ecological conscience.

Integral parts of the wall constructions:

1. Lining: brick wall
2. The panel-heated Hittherm register
3. Hittherm fixing rail
4. The first layer of machine plasters (about 20mm)
5. The mesh of glass fibers (hardened mortar)
6. Another layer of mortar machine (cca15mm)
7. Skirting boards

Wall heating and cooling provides:
     • The system that emits a very pleasant radiant heat to the environment
     • It can be used in many ways - living room and bedroom, bathroom, gym ...
     • Ideal for cooling
     • Made of long-lasting, high-tech plastic materials
     • The impact is felt after only 15 minutes

Hittherm pleasure console - the walls are neither cold nor hot, almost warm.
Hittherm delight for the nose - the heat radiation chamber and therefore does not elevating the circulation of air and dust.
Hittherm pleasure for the eyes no radiators that interfere with the visual appearance of the room
Hittherm delight for the ears - the heat is supplied silently
Hittherm ideal climate - so near so many advantages it is logical that you will enjoy everything

• Hittherm can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating and Air Conditioning Module Euroval floor panels.
• Hittherm, in the summer, can be used for silent and effortless cool your space, and in conjunction with Air Module ceiling panels ensures total comfort cooling

Hittherm is perfect for wellness facilities

Because of its flexibility, bending is possible in a very simple way economically and comfortably warm uneven surfaces. From tile stoves until shaped stone chairs, from circular showers to steam baths.

Hittherm compact

To use the rehabilitation of housing or commercial space and their transformation into energy efficient buildings, while providing modern living comfort, Harraither has developed a program for dry installation consisting of Air Module floor panel heating and Hatterm Compact wall panel for heating and cooling. With negligible effort and even less construction waste, it is easy to remove the old radiators and installed a new comfort.

Total comfort for all

The sense of the ideal climate is achieved with a pleasant mild radiation and can now be felt in every room, without further delay, thanks Hitterm Compact panels. Whether it comes to renovating old buildings, loft, houses, commercial buildings. Options for creating optimal climate are almost endless!

With all the advantages of classic HITHERMA system offers additional advantages:
• It can be set at any stage - simple, fast and clean
• Great potential savings in the modernization of old buildings
• Fast installation without the hassle
• The lining can be painted
• sandwich structure:

Just as Hittherm panel, Hittherm comact panel is also ideal for a quiet and gentle cooling, and ideally it is combined with Euroval or Air-heating and air conditioning module ceiling module cooling.

Wall heating and cooling - ideal for renovation

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