EUROVAL floor pipes

EUROVAL underfloor heating, wet installation, characterized by a specific, it is said the heat transfer and a number of other advantages in comparison with round tubes. Varying thickness of the pipe by volume to ensure optimum performance, an even temperature distribution per unit area and hence better feeling of comfort.

The advantage of the oval tubing in relation to the round-reflected in the combination of a smaller diameter, which provides an ideal closely bending and a larger diameter which provides a larger contact surface of the flooring panels for heating and a higher capacity.

Pipes are laid on the floor through the thermal insulation and its special support for the elliptical shape. Through pipes arranged on the floor, placed on the screed and the floor finish.

Integral parts of the floor construction:

1. Concrete slab
2. Waterproofing
3. Power Lines
4. Leveling layer
5. Soundproofing
6. Thermal insulation
7. Foil
8. Euroval pipe rail
9. The screed (65 mm)
10. Flooring
11. Diletaciona tape
12. Wall

Clima Module floor panel

For the purpose of rehabilitation of residential or business premises and their transformation into energy efficient buildings while providing modern living comfort Harraither has developed a program for dry installation consisting of Clima Module floor panel heating and Hittherm Compact wall panel for heating and cooling. With negligible effort and even less construction waste, it is easy to remove the old radiators and installed a new comfort.

With conventional underfloor heating pipes are laid in cement screed that needs constant heat for a longer period so that it becomes gain control element and started broadcasting heat. This time, heat generation can be significantly reduced by using Clima Module panel. On the heating element itself. Hot water flows through the module and connected to one another for a 5-minute heated complete medium is located directly above the panel. The result is a great saving of energy and a very fast system response, which is very suitable for the bathroom in the morning.

Floor heating:
     • First class underfloor heating thanks to extensive temperature distribution
     • the most efficient system on the market
     • Special flat design
     • Indestructible high-tech plastic
     • Suitable for mild and silent cooling
     • Very light sistem- ideal for wood floors

1. The final layer - parquet floor (floating installation)
2. Sound insulation - Cork
3. PE foil 0.15mm
4. Module Air (10 mm)
5. Isolation
6. Leveling layer (where applicable)
7. The floor (slab)
8. The edge security strip (10mm)

1. The final layer - parquet, PVC, linoleum, rubber (glued)
2. The screed with the addition of M25 (30 mm)
3. PE foil 0.15mm
4. Module Air (10 mm)
5. Isolation (23)
6. Leveling layer (where applicable)
7. The floor (slab)
8. The edge security strip (10mm)

Clima Module floor panel is the right choice for the reconstruction of the attic and the reconstruction of all the rooms in your facility dedicated to daily activities. This high quality product developed by Harreithera and tested over many years has shown that minimal effort for installation of underfloor heating can go as well as with a very efficient operation and significant energy savings.

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